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Custom Designed Websites

At P2R Services we design our websites from scratch starting with a blank pallet allowing us to create an endless combination of borders, backgrounds, buttons, photos, video, and graphics customized for your website to make your site design unique and a pleasure to navigate

What will my custom designed Website include?

Your custom website begins by choosing a look and feel for your site. Outlining the flow of the site page by page, getting your message across in a logical fashion and adding Digital Photos, video, and Graphics. Most websites will include a  home page, a feedback page, and child level pages of the home page. These first level pages are generally your main categories and the individual products or services will be listed under these levels. 

P2R Services specializes in creating and developing unique and successful websites from the ground up that are creative, dependable and cost effective. We provide the experience, understanding, and creative / technical expertise necessary to support you in achieving your business goals.

P2R Services offers complete web design services for the Metro Detroit Tri-County area and beyond. The goal is to provide services that make owning a successful internet presence inexpensive and hassle free. Our Designs are professional, complete, and custom made for each clients needs.  We have everything you need to be successful on the internet. Including, design, digital photo and video services and editing, promotion. and hosting.

P2R Services is a full service web design company, whose primary focus is to assist emerging companies, and established companies alike, build a web presence that will set them apart from the competition.

You may be wondering why should you choose P2R Services as your web services provider? Here are a few of the advantages of becoming a P2R Services customer.

Instead of giving you a prefabricated web site, P2R Services takes the time to come up with a user-friendly and professional design that will suit your individual goals. As an P2R Services client you will have as much control as you'd like over the design process, but whether you have pages of ideas or no idea where to begin, you will end up with a site of the highest quality.

Latest Technology
As you probably know the internet is always changing. New technologies are introduced each day. P2R Services keeps up to date on the changing technologies so that you don't have to.  We will make your site as modern as possible while still supporting all web browsers.

Whether your company is large or small P2R Services has a business solution for you. P2R Services always offers free project estimates, delivered on time and within budget.

One Page Internet Presence Or Home Page

OneBusiness or Personal Home Page with custom design to get you started on the internet.

$65.00  if hosted on our server (example URL: P2R

$120.00 with your domain and 1 year of server space (example URL:

Increase your website to two pages and make it more functional by adding a Feedback form or contact page for only $35.00 more


Current Internet Presence Website Special

5 page small business introductory website includes, home page, three sub-pages, Feedback form, Graphics & Digital Imaging

As an extra bonus we will submit your site to 1200 of the most popular search engines and FFA link pages.

$345.00 if hosted on our server (example URL: P2R

$399.00 with your domain and 1 year of server space (example URL:


Larger websites are available and pricing depends on the size and content of the project.

Use the Feedback form now, to contact P2R Services for an estimate on the design of your Website.  You won't be sorry!


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