Do I Need A Web?

Do I Need A Web?
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How Important is an Internet Presence?

Not long ago most business was conducted during regular business hours. Now that the internet has become mainstream, staying connected to your customers is more important than ever.

P2R Services offers custom designed websites that will produce measurable results for your business. Whether your company is a small startup or a large corporation,

P2R Services will create a unique website solution to meet your goals and budget requirements. Our website solutions are designed to increase sales, improve customer relations, streamline operations, and tap into the unlimited potential of internet and traditional marketing.

Reasons For Having A Website

  • 103,160,235 people used the Internet in May 2001.More people are using the Internet to search for local business daily. More information is available to your customers than any phone book listing.
  • A Website allows your customers to view your products and services in detail 24 hours a day when searching for specific products and services they are interested in purchasing and on where to buy.
  • Compared to other forms of advertising such as, Television commercials, phone books, company brochures, flyers, classified adds, telemarketing and so on, the cost of a business websites is far less and provides greater exposure that is long lasting and can be updated whenever necessary.
  • A website works 24 hours a day 365 days a year with No Overtime, No Sick Days, and No Vacations.
  • A website allows you to answer any questions a potential customer may have after store hours that you may answer the following business day, via e-mail.
  • Show your customers and clients that your business website is modern, easy to navigate and makes for an enjoyable online experience.
  • Add your internet address to your Business Cards, Advertisements, Resumes, and E-mails and watch your business grow.
  • The Internet is the busiest in the evening when people can shop from the comfort of their own home.

  • When the sun goes down are you still connected to your customers?

  • Don't be a left behind. With PC 's becoming more and more mainstream for business, education, and recreation, can you afford not to have a Web presence?

  • Most importantly, Your competition is on the web shouldn’t you be too?


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